Thursday, May 1, 2014


What is the Gothic?

When we think of a meaning for gothic, the first images that come to most minds in our modern days are the people who wear black from head to toe, have pale skin, wear dark makeup, and are most of the time, very introvert. But we did not create this style of expression. Actually, this fashion has much meaning behind it that comes from way back. It started in the 1st century A.D. in Ancient Greece. Throughout time the meaning of Goth has been shaped from the different fears of each era.
A few characteristics of  the Gothic related to style include characters trapped in a room, sighs, crazed laughter, and lights in abandoned room. Some themes include mystery, fear, terror, sorrow, surprise, haste, anger, largeness, and darkness. Many of these adjectives describe exactly how a Goth in present days would dress and act.  

How Did I Select My Topic?

I mainly focused on the story of Dracula because the book was full of illustrations. It was not just one picture that caught my eye but all of them had good representations of clothing styles. The clothing I was viewing was Gothic because it was dark, vintage, layered, vampires had pale skin, and women's necks were covered by scarves or necklaces to cover bite marks. This is significant for it shows how dark and depressing that time of era was and how we represent that mood today. I find it very interesting how fashions in clothing have changed in looks but still maintain the same meanings. But do our modern day Goth's know what their style means or comes from or are they stereotypes?

What is the Scope of My Research?

My point is to express that our modern day Goth's fashion actually has a lot of meaning behind each color and accessory that comes from our history Gothic stories. I used Dracula to demonstrate the similarities in styles because it gives great examples of clothing and materials that have much significance behind them. In my annotated bibliography, I wanted to be able to open eyes to the important facts and similarities of the ages fashions and how the styles change but not so much the meanings.

Scroll down to see annotated bibliography and conclusion.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why Do Goth's Dress the Way They Do?


Some people like the idea of transforming into a different image to express themselves. This Gothic woman transformed herself in the image of more like a monster. Just as Dracula even transforms into a devilish monster.  She may do this to feel powerful and want the negative attention from others.

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Fallen Women

 This girl's tattoo literal says "Fallen" which is popular with Gothic stories. Fallen women are frowned upon for not following their feminine roles. Both pictures show a woman who lust over love or sexual acts. But both are more of a dirty, secretive, and dark kind of lust.

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See-through Material

These ladies use lace, fish nets, gloves, and nylon for their fashion. This kind of see through clothing represents a sexier look for it is covering the skin yet still shows skin. One may feel hidden or safe wearing it. Also, in these pictures the material is black giving it a gothic feel.

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Choker Necklaces

A reason for the choker necklaces could be to hide bite marks from a vampire. It sends a kind of dangerous message rebellious personality. It's called a choker necklace for you can se it is tight on the neck; this could give a feeling of threat.

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Layers of Clothing

Some modern day Goth's wear layers of dark clothing as did Dracula. Wearing a drape that looks like a cape can make one feel powerful. Many layers can help feel safe or again, hidden. The assortment of accessories depending on what they are, provide the opportunity to express oneself.

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No Sunlight

 As it is known, vampires cannot be in the sun or they will burn to death. Although we humans do not just burst into flames, we still get burnt and with Goth's skin so pale and the way the color black attracts the sun, they are likely to burn easy. So with that, they prefer any shady place.

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Gothics are rather introverts and like to either be alone in a secretive place or are just plain quiet. Both pictures take place in a cold, darker, concrete place that is secluded from the world. Dracula does many cruel actions out of loneliness.

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Pale Skin

Having pale skin from being in the dark represents a vampires skin with no color. A white face might feel like a way to blend in or look innocent. A vampires paleness comes from death and even though they still have blood, they're skin represents them having none.

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 There is obviously death when it comes to vampires because of their victims and themselves. But modern day Goth's seem to be fascinated with the dead and their style almost represents just that as well.

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The red eyes can symbolize being possessed by something evil seeing that the color is red and red means blood. It can mean pain and exhaustion. The Dracula photo shows more of these symptoms as our modern day Goth lady seems to like how it makes her look dangerous and mysterious, yet beautiful.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


What are the Results of My Research?

After completing my research, I actually found more similarity in reasons behind some of clothing than I thought I would find. It is so interesting how we consistently continue to mock our Gothic history and it will probably continue as long as there are those dark and mysterious individuals. While searching for modern day Goth pictures and pairing them with Dracula one's, I ended up finding more and more signs  that related back to Dracula. The funny thing is that I don't even thing most modern day Goth's realize that. I believe they maybe have a darker side and go by what society tells them to wear.
As mentioned before, each era had its own fears, and each Gothic story illustrated the authors fears reveled through their monsters and other characters actions and reactions. We should keep in mind that our modern day Goth's most likely have their own fears in life and choose to dress this way to possibly express their feelings. Since it is a dark sense of style, I can imagine their thoughts and feelings are not all rainbows and butterflies. They have probably had something rough in their lives happen and chose to dress this way to show depression or maybe just hide from the world. Or, some just like to be different and that is quite alright.
But at the same time, they should someday realize some of the things they are wearing actually represent history Gothic fashion; which can be as simple as any red tone color chosen to wear, or the layers of shady clothing, and even certain jewelry such as a choker necklace.