Tuesday, April 29, 2014


What are the Results of My Research?

After completing my research, I actually found more similarity in reasons behind some of clothing than I thought I would find. It is so interesting how we consistently continue to mock our Gothic history and it will probably continue as long as there are those dark and mysterious individuals. While searching for modern day Goth pictures and pairing them with Dracula one's, I ended up finding more and more signs  that related back to Dracula. The funny thing is that I don't even thing most modern day Goth's realize that. I believe they maybe have a darker side and go by what society tells them to wear.
As mentioned before, each era had its own fears, and each Gothic story illustrated the authors fears reveled through their monsters and other characters actions and reactions. We should keep in mind that our modern day Goth's most likely have their own fears in life and choose to dress this way to possibly express their feelings. Since it is a dark sense of style, I can imagine their thoughts and feelings are not all rainbows and butterflies. They have probably had something rough in their lives happen and chose to dress this way to show depression or maybe just hide from the world. Or, some just like to be different and that is quite alright.
But at the same time, they should someday realize some of the things they are wearing actually represent history Gothic fashion; which can be as simple as any red tone color chosen to wear, or the layers of shady clothing, and even certain jewelry such as a choker necklace.

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